Free Photoshop Brushes

Twitter Bird Icon

Added 30th Dec 2009:

Been busy the past couple of weeks creating a new Grunge Wordpress Theme, this will be free to download soon. This new Wordpress Theme is created using the brushes and images featured on my Photoshop Brushes site.

Also been working on some twitter Icon design ideas, will be adding more goodies including more free textures to the PSBrushes site soon.

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Photoshop Free Textures

Added 17th November 2009:

Just added a new selection of Parchment and aged paper texture wallpapers (2000 pixel wide) to the site, got loads and loads of textures that I have collected, will be adding loads more of these soon.

Fingerprint Photoshop Brushes

Added 10th Oct 2009:

Just released 14 new, very large textured photoshop brushes (2.86 meg), the new ones are Fingerprint Brushes with two very large textured handprints, again used these to quickly create a new twitter background, give you an idea of what they can look like when used. Also featured on the page are a smaller selection of hand prints.

Stain Photoshop Brushes

Added 3rd Oct 2009:

Another 18 free photoshop brushes, these new ones are made from Coffee Stains and coffee cup marks, another big set, really like this new set.

Floral Photoshop Brushes

Added 18th Sept 2009:

This latest Photoshop Brushes set features fourteen Floral Photoshop Brushes, these are taken from a victorian book illustrations. I have loads more Corner Shaped Letters which are still to be added to the site, these new ones will make a great set. looking forward to releasing these soon.

Hope you like this latest Photoshop Brushes set.

Leaf Print Brushes

Added 14th Sept 2009:

This is the latest Photoshop Brushes set featuring new large Leaf Print Brushes, a good selection of eighteen different shaped leaves in this set, long leaves, rounded leaves, some quite bold and some subtle.

Should be good for adding grungy textures to images and adding floral background textures.

Arrow Photoshop Brushes

Added 6th Sept 2009:

The latest Photoshop Brushes set featuring fifteen Hand Drawn Arrows. These are all hand drawn in pencil and vary in style, some are just line drawn and some have shading applied to them, should be a good set to help create doodle, sketchy backgrounds.

Rivet Head Photoshop Brushes

30th August 2009:

This is the latest set featuring seven very large (1.61meg) Aged Rivet Heads. These new Photoshop Brushes have great textures and some also have peeling paint, great for adding a grunge style to an image.

Below are a large selection of my Free Photoshop Brushes for free download all the Designs are free to use for commercial and non commercial use, please credit this web site or link to it from your site, for more details and tiny banners see the resources page.

All the Photoshop brushes featured on this site are created in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and the newer additions to the Photoshop Brushes site are created in photoshop CS, which means they will work with all later versions of Photoshop for both Apple mac and PC.

Weasel Skull Brushes

20/09/09 - New big Weasel skull brushes for free download.

Photoshop Font Characters

Twenty one photoshop brushes scanned from a kettle instruction manual.

Grunge Scratches

Distort images and add scratch effect to them with this new eleven brush set.

Blood Splatters

A selection of thirteen blood splatters, some large some medium sized.

Various Hand Prints

Hand Prints, finger prints and one foot print.

Scribbles and Sketches

Nine new photoshop brushes created from a selection of my illustration work and sketches.

Grunge Corner Photoshop Brushes

Seven new grunge corner brushes.

Skull Crack Grunge Brushes

Eight new Photoshop Brushes taken from close up digital photos of the Sheep's Skull set, pretty grungy.

Sheep Skull Brushes

A set of two sheep head brushes created from a skull recently found while climbing in Scotland.

Beetle Illustrations

A set of five Beetle Illustrations varying in size.

Moths Photoshop Brushes

A set of two large moths photoshop brushes.

Sea creature Illustrations

A set of three large illustrated sea creature brushes.

Butterflies and Beetles

A set of eleven featuring various Butterflies from around the world and a couple of beetles.

Star Photoshop Brushes

Another fourteen stars and highlights. Ideal for adding a bit of sparkle to a shiny object.

Photoshop Alchemy Font

Fourteen new ones based on the Alchemy Font, distressed and grungy.

Tank Drawings

Engineers drawings of the first world war 1 tank.

Grunge Line Brushes

Eight grunge lines, quite grunge based.

Packaging Brushes set 2

Created from packaging featuring bar-codes, postal stamps and logos.

Packaging Photoshop Brushes set 1

Featuring two second class postal franks, bar-code, recycling logo.

Crow Skull Brushes

22/09/09 - Five very large Crow skulls photographed at different angles, can also be flipped.

Graffiti Photoshop Brushes

Eight 3D hand drawn Photoshop Graffiti brushes.

Crop Circles

Based on crop circle photographs.

Cat Skulls

Three large images of cat skulls.


A selection of nail images from different angles.

Photoshop Bullet Brushes

Rifle Bullets, shotgun cases and Bullet heads.

Crow Skulls

Crow heads side view and front view.

Grunge Brushes - set 2

Thirteen new grunge versions in various sizes.

Fox Skulls

Fox skulls, created from digital photographs.

Rabbit Skulls

Three Rabbit skulls.

Photoshop Quake Icons

Quake 3 Arena Icons.

Photoshop Bar-code Brushes

Bar-codes various sizes.

Power Tool Icons

Power tool Icons and diagrams.

Photoshop Printer Errors

Ten Grunge printer errors.

Ivy Leaves

Leaves from a Ivy plant.

Auto CAD Fixings

Screws, bolts and fixings as displayed in Autocad.

Concrete Photoshop Textures

Two concrete textures, idea for aging images.

Tank Drawings set 2

More tank drawings featuring text and plan drawings.

Grunge Corner Brushes

Eight dirty grunge corners.

Metal plates

Metal plates.

Photoshop Lettering Brushes

Featuring a selection of different fonts.

Grunge Brushes set 1

Dirty grunge brushes set 1.

Photoshop Icon brushes

A selection of Icons from Mac OS and Windows.

Crack grunge brushes

A selection of cracks and Photoshop dirty textures.

Please note I do not allow other Web sites to link directly to the zip files or the images on this site, if you do need to link to a set, link to the html page, not the file itself.