Photoshop Brushes Credits

twitter iconAll the Photoshop Goodies featured on this site are free for download for commercial and non commercial use.

Only thing I do ask if you do use my Photoshop Brushes or Photoshop Textures or if you find the Adobe Photoshop Tutorials section of help, that you credit this site with a link from your site, blog or mention it on a forum if relevant. This will help spread the word and will make it easier for new up and coming photoshop designers to find the site in the future.

There are a selection of small banners available from the Photoshop resources page which can be used, or simply add a simple text link to the Photoshop Brushes site, from your web page.

All the items featured on this site may not be re distributed without permission, If you would like to distribute my work, then please contact me for more details.

Thanks to all the people who have linked to the photoshop brushes site so far, its great to have such support.

Feel free to check out my Illustration Work and 3d work more samples of my design work, I will be adding more design based photoshop brushes soon.