Photoshop Brushes News

Just added the new Power tool brushes, featuring diagrams and illustrations from a Bosch angle grinder and a Mc Cullock chain saw. There will, be a full set of De Walt cordless screwdriver images coming soon, a very nice power tool.

Changed the buttons for the site, adding a News, Sitemap and Home buttons. I have also changed the font used on the buttons, should make it really easy to navigate the site now.

Roy, as promised has given me a small rat today, this will be added to the site soon. The free photoshop Brushes Website has also had several new links within the past week from sites such as black is good, prettybrush, pslover and myJanee, I'm debating on launching an affiliates page.

The Bar-code brushes are now live, featuring ten types of bar-codes. Other bar-codes can be found in the packaging brushes sets 1 and set 2.

Quake 3 Icon Brushes have been added to the site today. Fourteen new photoshop brushes based on the icon artwork from the game Quake 3 Arena

The site continues to get busier there are four new brushes sets in development, yes I'm a Gemini. The skull brushes set had a slight set back as the mouse(my mum stole from one of the cats) has been stolen by something else (just my luck), but there is a magpie and a new fox thanks to ernest (gamekeeper) who I'm sure thinks I'm totally crazy, these will be added once nature has done its thing.

The Rabbit Skull Brushes are now added to the site, along with a new photoshop tutorial on Loading Photoshop Brushes in photoshop CS.

I have started to group brush sets as it will become more difficult to find them the more sets there are, so far we have Grunge Brushes and Skull Brush sets.

The Fox Skull Brushes have been added to the site, along with some new 'photoshop brush banner buttons. The old ones were a bit rushed these new ones are I think better.

Two new photoshop brush sets have been added today. The Crow Skull Photoshop Brushes containing just two touched up digital photographs of a crows skull, front shot and side shot. Also I have added thirteen more Grunge Brushes in set 2, these brushes are various sizes some small, some large. Yesterday was the busiest day yet on the site according to my tracking program which is good news, also a big thanks to the people who have used my brushes and linked to the photoshop brushes website! Thank you for the support.

Been out again tonight with my camera to another friends house, photographing a selection of bullets, shotgun shells and bullets heads which now feature in the new Gun Photoshop Brushes set, made the fatal mistake of looking at the pictures and now they are live. The new bullet set contains 12 brushes, as with all the brushes if the sets prove popular I will add more. Thanks again to 'Sniper Ben' for his help!

Its been another busy weekend and the new two photoshop brush sets have been added. Cat Skull Brushes are now online along with the nail brushes (not the sort you buy in the shops). If you look at the above link you will see there's a new range of photoshop skull brushes coming soon, featuring crow, rabbit, fox and in the future mouse and rat.

I have set up this 'updates page' to keep anyone who's interested up to date on the site and its progress as time goes on. The Photoshop Brushes site has been live for just over a month now and has great support from sites such as photoshopsupport, phirebrush, Insomniac Brushes, Digital Bristle, Pixel2life photofoolery to name just a few. The site now has fifteen sets of photoshop brushes and several online tutorials, the latest two brush sets Ivy Leaves and Crop Circles just added yesterday.

I spent most of the early evening today searching and collecting new subject matter on my mum's farm and photographing them for a new set or possibly sets depending on which ones I choose, they will be coming soon.

The photoshop brushes on this site are carefully chosen and most are created by hand like the Crack Grunge Brushes or photographed by me not just scanned out of books like allot of brushes sites I have seen. As the site develops the quality of brushes will get better.