Photoshop Brushes News 3

Added the new Sheep Skull Brushes to the site.

Brought a fantastic sheep's skull (with horns) back from Scotland, will do photos probably tomorrow, looks really really good, watch this space.

Just added a new Photoshop tutorial on Making Shiny Buttons, still need to get more new stuff online.

Added five more Beetle Photoshop Brushes to the site.

Added two new sets to the site, the Sea Creatures Illustrations and the Moth Photoshop Brushes sets, still got several new sets to finish off and get up online.

Just launched Illustrator brushes website, this will be another little project, featuring Adobe Illustrator Tutorials and Illustrator Brushes for download. Still need to add more brushes to this site, should get that done this coming week.

As promised I'm adding new sets on mass, the latest set features Butterflies and Beetles the new set is part of a new project, click the link to read more details.

Just added another set of fourteen, featuring various Star, Sparkles Brushes , good for adding highlights to shiny objects. Now have 28 sets on the site, with several more to be added soon.

Well, up and running on the new server and I've added the first new set of brushes, based on the Alchemy Font. Loads of new ideas as always just need to get them done.

Done it!, new server is bought, just waiting for a few settings to become active, and were up and running

Still need to shift the server, 2 new sets created and waiting to be added, also the traffic to site has gone through the roof, in June we had 2336797 hits, pretty amazing! Also coming up really high on Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines under the term Photoshop Brushes, the minute I swap servers I'll be adding loads more to the site, thanks again for the comments on my work.

Well after such a long wait Its done, featuring ten more Photoshop Grunge images from a printer error, I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

Well so much for a day or so, still stacked out with work... I need to scan in the new images and then sort them out in Photoshop. The Bandwidth has dropped to a nice level (I guess most of you have all the goodies from the site) I'm toying with either rotating the photoshop downloads, so one month there are 20 sets of one type and the next month there are 20 new ones, or just sneek new sets in. We shall see :)

Still busy working on the new Limo Hire Website, there's not allot of time left for fun stuff.

The website is still getting busier each month Photoshop Support have also featured the site in their new photoshop section, thanks again for the support. Also just added another Scanlines Tutorial showing how to add scanlines to an image, keep seeing people asking how its done.