Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Layers Effects Menu

To create a drop shadow round the screw head, right click on the screw head layer (highlighted in grey) a new sub menu will appear as shown in the image on the left.

Then click on effects, the effects menu has lots of options to choose from, for this tutorial i'm only going to use the Drop Shadow effect, but its well worth taking a look at the others and play around to see what they do in the future.

Drop Shadow Menu
The new Screw Head with applied drop shadow

In the Drop Shadow section (above) you can alter all the variables of the shadow, i think these are pretty straight forward, the best thing to do if in doubt is alter the settings and watch to see what happens to the image (make sure preview is ticked) nothing is approved until you click on the OK button. I never use any rules, I just alter the settings and look to see how the image looks, and when its looking good i press OK and save it (great believer in messing about to see what happens).

And heres the shadowed screw head using the above settings. Click here to see how to add a Cracked Effect.

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