Creating a Cracked Photoshop Brush

adding a new layer in photoshop

We now need to add a new layer to the document, on this layer we will add the main cracked effect. Select the 'Polygonal Lasso' tool Polygonal Lasso tool from the tools menu, now click and draw a jagged shape.

Select black from the swatches tab or press 'd' this will give the foreground the default fill colour which is black. Then (at the top) go to 'edit' then 'fill'. You should now have a jagged black shape similar to the one below.

note The shape above the screw head doesn't really matter as we will be moving it below the head, so it wont be seen.

adding the crack effect


Moving layers in Photoshop

Now we have to move the new cracked layer, below the screw head layer.

Click on the 'cracked layer' (layer 2) hold down the mouse button and drag it below, so its in between the screw layer and the background as shown in the image on the left. It now should look something similar to the image shown below.

The Finished Photoshop Image

Now we have the basic brush designed we can now Create a brush from it.